Bauerfeind – GenuTrain P3 Knee Brace

If you’re experiencing pain in your knee due to misalignment of the kneecap, femoropatellar pain syndrome or patellar tip syndrome, the GenuTrain® P3 orthopedic brace is designed to provide relief. With its anatomical shape, galvanized steel stays and two integral pressure cushions, the GenuTrain P3 stabilizes the position of the kneecap and activates the musculature, accelerating the healing process.


Here are the benefits of the GenuTrain P3 orthopedic brace:
  • Secure Kneecap Guidance: The brace provides secure kneecap guidance, preventing it from drifting sideways or outward, which can cause discomfort and instability.
  • Relief from Knee Pain: The two integral pressure cushions of the brace provide a pain-relieving massage effect during movement, reducing swelling more quickly and providing relief for the knee.
  • Breathable Train Knit for High Wearing Comfort: The brace is made of breathable Train Knit, which provides high wearing comfort, making it easy to wear throughout the day.
Indications for the use of the GenuTrain P3 orthopedic brace include:
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Chondropathy, Chondromalacia)
  • Patellar Tip Syndrome (Patellar Tendonitis)
  • Lateralization of the Patella (Dislocation Tendency)
  • High-riding Patella (Patella Alta)
  • Feeling of Instability
  • Anterior Knee Pain
  • After Lateral Release Surgery
  • Wash separately in the washing machine at 30 ° C with liquid detergent
  • Remove Velcro straps if possible or firmly attach to the designated place
  • Remove pads or splints before washing, if possible
  • Use a laundry net (spin cycle: maximum 500 revolutions per minute)
  • Dry in the air, not in the dryer, to avoid impairing the knitted fabric
  • Regularly wash the brace to retain the compression of the knitted fabric



  1. Muscle-Relaxing Pad: Helps reduce pain and relax muscles through soothing massage while minimizing sideways pulling of the kneecap.
  2. Corrective Guide: Prevents the kneecap from drifting outward, promoting healing and reducing discomfort without limiting mobility.
  3. Patella Cover: Counteracts patella tilting.
  4. Corrective Strap: Can be individually adjusted to provide optimal kneecap control.
  5. Pad Wing: Extends proximally to the vastus medialis muscle and enhances proprioception.
  6. Ring-Shaped Soft Pad: Encircles the kneecap to promote stability by centering it.
  7. Wedge-Shaped Hoffa Soft Pads: Feature two pressure points to alleviate strain on the area below the knee that often causes pain.


At Atlas Physiotherapy and Health, we believe in providing our patients with top-quality products that cater to their specific needs. Our GenuTrain P3 knee brace is designed to protect your patella (kneecap) during all movements.


The GenuTrain P3 features a specially shaped massage pad with high sides and inward-facing silicone dots that provide pain-relieving compression on Hoffa’s fat pad. This design helps to center the kneecap and protect it from any potential harm.


The adjustable corrective strap is a unique feature of the GenuTrain P3 that ensures the kneecap remains in place, preventing it from drifting sideways. This strap can be tightened to different degrees, depending on the loading situation, to provide optimal protection and support.


The GenuTrain P3 also features a wedge-shaped massage pad at the upper outside edge of the brace that slightly eases the pressure on the tendons connected to the kneecap. This design helps to minimize the outward pull on the kneecap and provide relief and support during its natural movement.


The compressive knit of the brace, combined with the two pads, creates a pain-relieving massage effect during movement. This effect helps to reduce swelling quickly and activates the muscles that stabilize the joint.