Bauerfeind – LumboLoc Back Brace

Introducing the LumboLoc Back Brace, a versatile orthosis designed to alleviate pain in the lumbar spine, also known as lumbar vertebral syndrome. The LumboLoc works by supporting the back and relieving pressure on the intervertebral discs through its anatomically contoured corset stays. It also controls motion and limits pain with its individually adjustable compression on the lumbar spine.

Here are some key features of the LumboLoc:

  • Individually adaptable for a perfect fit to different body shapes
  • Lightweight, elastic, and breathable materials for comfort
  • A reliable partner in fighting back pain


  • Lumbago with myostatic insufficiency
  • Irritation of the small intervertebral joints (facet syndrome)
  • Iliosacral joint irritations
  • Degenerative spinal changes
  • Low back pain
  • Intervertebral disc weakness
  • Minor postural disorders
Care Instructions:

To maintain the LumboLoc’s functionality, we recommend hand-washing it separately with a mild detergent at 30° C. To prevent damage and maintain the Velcro fasteners’ effectiveness, we advise closing them before washing. Avoid exposing the orthosis to direct heat, such as heating or sunlight, during the drying process.


Support Instead of Suffering:

The LumboLoc features four aluminum rods in the back section that align the lumbar spine, helping it to adopt an anatomically correct and pain-free posture. These rods are also customizable to fit the wearer’s individual anatomy. The orthosis’s Velcro fastening at the front allows for an individually adjustable compressive effect on the abdomen, which indirectly relieves pressure on the lumbar spine.

Safety and Comfort:

The LumboLoc’s anatomical fit provides superior comfort, and its elastic, breathable material ensures it fits the wearer’s body perfectly. Practical hand straps and Velcro fastenings make handling easy and enable quick and simple fitting. As a result, the LumboLoc is a discreet yet powerful ally in the fight against back pain.