Your First Chiropractor Visit – What to Expect (Part 1)

If you’ve never experienced the benefits of chiropractic care, you may be nervous or confused when it comes to your first visit.

At Atlas Physiotherapy & Health, we want you to feel comfortable and confident when you visit our clinic for the first time!

To help you understand what to expect during your first visit, let’s go over what a typical first visit to our chiropractor looks like.

Initial Assessment

Before you start any treatment or exercise program, you will meet with your chiropractor to discuss your goal, concerns, medical history, and symptoms.

If you are seeking chiropractic therapy to address pain, how much pain are you in?

If you are experiencing mobility issues, how are these affecting your life?

The initial assessment is an opportunity for you to share your goals and concerns with your chiropractor, so they can help determine the best course of action to help you achieve optimal health.

Let’s take a look at how the initial assessment works when it comes to chiropractic treatment:

Patient History and Symptoms

The assessment begins with an in-office meeting that explores your medical history and symptoms.

You will be asked to fill out forms that provide background information.

Some of the questions you may have to answer include the following:

  • When did the pain start?
  • How did the pain start?
  • Describe the pain (sharp, dull, burning, throbbing, etc.).
  • Does the pain come and go, or is it continuous?
  • What activities or circumstances make it better?
  • What activities or circumstances make it worse?

You may be asked to provide a family medical history and disclose any pre-existing medical conditions, prior injuries, previous or current treatments, and any medications you are taking.

By understanding your situation and history, your chiropractor can implement the best treatment plan to address your injury or areas of concern.

Physical Assessment 

After understanding your situation and medical history, the focus will next be on a comprehensive physical assessment. 

This assessment is a crucial step in understanding your body’s condition and developing a personalized treatment plan.

The physical assessment completed by the chiropractor involves various non-invasive assessments to evaluate how your body moves, how flexible you are, how strong you are and identify any muscular imbalances and joint restrictions in your spine or other areas that may be contributing to your pain and discomfort. 

It’s completely natural to feel a little nervous about this part of the process, especially if it’s your first time visiting a chiropractor. However, rest assured that the physical exam is a painless and straightforward procedure.

The chiropractor’s goal is to make you feel comfortable throughout the examination, and they will communicate with you every step of the way.

Let’s Get Started With Your Chiropractic Care!

Atlas Physiotherapy & Health is proud to offer a wide range of treatment options delivered by our multidisciplinary team of experts.

We are here to design a treatment plan as unique as your needs so that we can help you work toward a healthier you.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Gloria Cheung, looks forward to working with new patients. Contact us today for more information or to book your free 10 minute consultation!