Achilles Tendonitis Treatment


Achilles tendonitis is a condition caused by the inflammation of the Achilles tendon, the fibrous band of tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. Achilles tendonitis commonly occurs due to overuse or repetitive strain on the tendon.


Common symptoms of Achilles tendonitis include pain and stiffness in this area, particularly during physical activity or upon waking up in the morning. Swelling and tenderness may also be present along the back of the lower leg near the heel.


Achilles tendonitis can be caused by different factors, including sudden increases in physical activity, repetitive stress on the tendon from activities like running or jumping, inadequate stretching before exercise, and tight calf muscles.

Risk Factors

  • Intense physical activity without proper warm-up or stretching
  • Excessive running or jumping exercises
  • Tight calf muscles or Achilles tendons
  • Previous history of Achilles tendon injury or tendonitis
  • Age-related changes in tendon structure and function


  • Gradually increase the duration and intensity of physical activities to avoid sudden strain on the Achilles tendon.
  • Incorporate regular stretching exercises, focusing on the calf muscles and Achilles tendon, into your fitness routine.
  • Use proper footwear with adequate support and cushioning, especially during high-impact activities.
  • Listen to your body and rest when you are experiencing pain or discomfort to prevent overuse injuries like Achilles tendonitis.


Atlas Physiotherapy offers hands-on therapies that can complement the recovery process for diagnosed Achilles tendonitis.

Hands-on therapy, such as massage therapy or physiotherapy, can alleviate Achilles tendonitis by promoting blood circulation, reducing muscle tension, and improving flexibility in the calf muscles.

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