Vinegar Hill Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Lower Back Pain

Are you living with constant neck pain? Do you have a hard time turning your head comfortably?

Chiropractic care is a valuable therapeutic option for neck pain. It offers a non-invasive, drug-free approach to tackling the discomfort and limitations of neck pain. At Atlas Physio, we provide chiropractic care to help relieve neck pain and enhance your overall well-being.

Our chiropractors in Vinegar Hill use a comprehensive approach that includes targeted therapies to help you find lasting relief from neck pain. These therapies include gentle soft tissue therapy, exercises, stretching, joint mobilizations, and, if needed, adjustments and/or acupuncture that help reduce pain, improve range of motion, and restore proper functioning.

This helps to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and promote better neck health. Our chiropractic treatments also focus on addressing the root causes of neck pain to ensure long-term results.

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When looking for a chiropractor in Vinegar Hill to help with neck pain, Atlas Physio is your trusted choice. Our dedicated team is committed to providing effective treatments to help you find relief from neck pain.

We focus on patient-centered chiropractic care for neck pain and customize our approach to meet your specific needs and goals. With our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we’re here to support your journey to a pain-free and healthier life.

Don’t let neck pain hold you back any longer. Contact Atlas Physio today to schedule an appointment with our experienced chiropractors and take the first step toward a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

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Is Chiropractic Therapy covered by insurance?

Most extended health benefit plans include coverage for a Chiropractor’s services. However, please verify your coverage details, including if a doctor’s referral is required, with your insurance provider as every plan is unique.

Chiropractic Therapy may also be covered by your automobile insurance if you have been injured in an automobile accident.

We offer direct billing with most insurance companies.


Does insurance cover chiropractic?

Insurance generally covers chiropractic care. However, it may depend on the specific insurance provider and plan. Some plans offer reimbursement for chiropractic care, while others do not. You will need to clarify with your insurance company directly to determine whether your plan covers chiropractic care and what your out-of-pocket expenses will be.

How much are chiropractic sessions?

Several factors determine the rate of chiropractic therapy. The initial chiropractor’s assessment fee is $120. Follow-up visits might cost between $90 and $120 per session, depending on the type and length of the treatment session.

Does your clinic provide direct billings to insurance?

Yes, our office accepts direct billing with most insurance companies.

Do I need a physician's referral to visit a chiropractor?

Patients do not need a referral to see a chiropractor. Chiropractors are recognized as primary contact health care providers so that patients can consult them directly.

Are chiropractic services suitable for children?

Chiropractic care is effective for children. Children are more likely than adults to experience injuries during physical activity and sports. These injuries can result in pain and stiffness, which may cause discomfort in the back and neck. A chiropractor will customize a treatment plan for each patient so that they can tailor gentle and safe therapy for kids.

Why does a joint make a popping sound when it is adjusted?

Adjusting a joint to relieve pressure can cause the release of gas bubbles, which results in a popping sound. The same effect occurs when your knuckles are “cracked.” The noise is created by a shift in pressure within the joint, which causes the expulsion of gas bubbles. There typically is no pain involved.

How are chiropractors educated and trained?

The education of a chiropractor is a rigorous and extensive process. After completing four years of university, chiropractors attend four years of chiropractic school. The next step is to take extensive qualification examinations to be licensed in Canada. They are then considered licensed healthcare practitioners.