Bauerfeind – SecuTec Genu Knee Brace

When you have a knee injury or undergo surgery, you need a sturdy knee orthosis to provide external support and stabilization for a certain period of time. The SecuTec® Genu is a lightweight but robust knee orthosis designed to fit the leg’s anatomy perfectly, making it easy to wear and take off.


Benefits of the SecuTec® Genu:
  • Provides strong stabilization of the knee
  • Extremely lightweight and flat
  • High level of comfort while wearing
  • Provides support for instability resulting from a torn anterior and/or posterior cruciate ligament (ACL/PCL)
  • Ideal for use after ligament surgery or syndesmoplasty
  • Effective for managing complex instabilities caused by trauma or degeneration
  • Can be used to limit knee range of motion after collateral ligament injuries, meniscal suturing, or meniscal implantation
Instructions for Care:
  • Avoid exposing the orthosis to direct heat such as heating or solar radiation.
  • The aluminum parts of the orthosis are coated and can be cleaned with pH-neutral soap.
  • We recommend hand washing the upholstery and straps at 30°C.


Advanced Technology for Optimal Healing:

The SecuTec Genu’s sturdy and lightweight design is made possible by a special light metal alloy. The breathable, non-slip pads provide secure and comfortable positioning of the orthosis on the leg. In recognition of its innovative design, the Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Initiative awarded the SecuTec Genu the Innovation Prize in the Industry category in 2007.

Comfort and Stability:

The SecuTec Genu can be put on easily from the front, minimizing the need to bend the knee joint sharply and reducing stress on the ligaments or ligament structures that are under strain. Orthotists can easily adapt the frame to fit any particular leg shape, ensuring the perfect fit for optimal comfort and stability.